New Beginning

I already talked about it in my posts before my account got suspended from reddit too, so I made just a short reminder about what can we do.

1)  The site is made, but it needs to be developed so it is easier to use, safer, cleaner and better. In order to do that we need people who know how to develop sites.

2)  Another thing are writers who can write for the site(I will list some topics below, but other subjects will be available to write about too) and people who can correct the grammar mistakes etc.

3)  And there are also activists. Firstly we will spread more “Culture of Critique” posters/threads on 4chan since it is very easy to do and everybody can do it anonymously both online and in real world, but with time we will deal with other issues that we face(I was going to describe it here, but then decided to keep it short so majority of people will read and focus on burning issues that is building site, starting writing first articles and real world activism(both educating them on how it can be easily and safely done and inspiring them to action by showing them that we do it already).

If you want to join us send me a message on twitter and we will start working together on our immediate issues.


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