30 days of meditation exercise

Hey ChadRighters, today we are starting our first full program that will take place for 30 days.

In this program we have 5 meditation for 20 minutes each. Everyday we will do as much as possible and as much as we feel comfortable with. So ideally we will do one per day, but we can do one in 2-5 days. Depends on how we will feel with it.

Start by printing this paper. I printed 30 copies in case if I would finish 30 pieces in 30 days, but in reality any number is okay.

1) First meditation is Breathing Meditation and we do that by getting stoper and either sitting on a chair or laying on a bed(if you can keep on being aware of breathing in that position). In first try I recommend setting stoper on 1 minute. We meditate by observing the feeling we get from breathing. Not on forcing the breath, but on observing it as it is. I f.e feel the feeling of breath coming through my nose, throat and stomach. and then coming out. You can also feel the stomach expanding while you breath in and out.

One area of focusing is enough.

When your mind wanders, just come back to it.

After that you can try setting stoper for 2 or 5 minutes

2) Body Scanning Meditation – since we are setting the stoper on 1, 2 or 5 minutes you don’t have to scan whole body and you can focus just on 1/2/3 areas. We do that by simply sitting on a chair and experiencing the feeling coming from our body. Maybe the touch of shirt on our upper-body or soles of our feet touching the floor. Every sensation is as good as the other.

3) Listening Meditation – Again we set the stoper and sit or lay in comfortable position, but this time we experience the sounds. Maybe the car driving, maybe someone is talking. Just observe the sounds and accept them for what they are, without changing anything

4) Watching meditation – I do that, by again setting timer, and either standing in my room and observing how it look like without judging(One of the benefits of that type of meditation is that, after finishing meditation I can clean something if I see that something needs to be cleaned or moved back in other place).

Or I sit somewhere and observe the trees moved by slight waves of wind, which is very relaxing.

5) Walking Meditation – We set a timer, stand somewhere, either inside or outside and walk very slowly for a few minutes, experiencing the feeling from the walking. Either the one coming from our clothes, either touch of the floor through our feet, sounds of the world or even air touching our hands and arms as we walk.

Those are the exercises.

Last tip: If you want to the exercises, but you can concentrate. Try taking a short nap, and then sitting on a chair and trying again with short meditation 1/2/5 minutes.

After finishing our exercise, We post picture of finished piece of paper with crossed or painted the squares that we finished and written number of paper that you finished on our Project Mayhem in our Channel of our Discord

I already did 70 squares(minutes), so I will post my picture today.

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