Visualization exercise day 1

Hey, today we are starting visualization exercise that will teach you how to create stronger habits. I hope you read yesterday’s article, if not read it quickly here:

Exercise I ) Start by taking a chair and putting in a place where you will have enough space to stand up and make a push up.

Once you do that stand next to a chair and imagine in your head, yourself(as other person) sitting on a chair with closed eyes for 20 second. Then imagine yourself standing up from that chair and doing a one push up on the floor.

That’s how visualization can look like.

Exercise II ) Now do exactly what you visualized:

1. Sit down on a chair.
2. Close your eyes.
3. See yourself from inside sitting on a chair. Imagine the exact same thing that you are doing right now. Imagine what you could see if you would open your eyes.
4. This exercise we do with first person visualization. Visualize yourself from inside standing up and doing a pushup.
5. Now open your eyes, stand up and do a push up.
6. Sit down

Repeat four times steps from 1 to 6.

After doing that you should have done exercise number two 5 times. This exercise was a first-person visualization.

After finishing the task write “Done” in the the comments below or on our discord channel.

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